Carly Mary : An intuitive artist

About Carly Mary
Carly Marie is an intuitive artist based in England, UK. Although always creative with a flair for graphic design in her younger days, she always felt her path was writing, until 2019 when her visual creativity truly came alive. From the day she began to create, art came through her, channeled by her higher guides who wanted to share wisdom and subliminal messages through art.
She began creating daily, for hours upon a time and in moments didn't even understand herself why they came through or where they came from but a passion was born within her and she knew that her love for this new form of expression and imagination would forever change life as she had previously understood it.
Combining intuitive and more recently more refined and curated designs, she now follows this path with enthusiasm and dedication to bring more magic into the earthly realm. Astraea's dream was born through the period of 2020 when the world was going through the pandemic and she channelled the star maiden Greek Goddess Astrea after a particularly transformative awakening where she saw beyond the conscious mind. It was in this place that she allowed this energy to penetrate her art and let it flow to where it wanted to go.
This place was a dream-like state which is represented in each card. This deck of cards will open your heart to other realms of consciousness and allow you to connect to that place within you to reveal the answers on your own life path as you work more deeply with this deck.
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